Vid Traffic – Creates Auto Webinars

Vid Traffic review : The Easiest Way to Create Auto Webinars That Even Your Grandma Can Use

Vid Traffic – Creates Auto Webinars

Vid Traffic – Creates Auto Webinars

Vid Traffic: The Easiest Way to Create Auto Webinars That Even Your Grandma Can Use


So you want to launch a webinar. You’ve heard the hype, read the success stories, and maybe even attended a couple yourself. And let me guess—you’re thinking, “How hard can it be?” Then, you dive into the deep sea of webinar software and realize you might just need a PhD in Rocket Science to figure it all out. Fear not, my friend! Today we’re talking about Vid Traffic, the most user-friendly way to create auto webinars. And trust me, it’s so easy that even your grandma could set one up.

What Exactly is Vid Traffic?

First off, let’s break down the jargon. Vid Traffic is a platform that allows you to create automated webinars. For the uninitiated, a webinar is basically an online seminar where you get to play the role of a virtual Tony Robbins. An auto webinar is one that plays on loop. Think of it as your favorite TV show rerun, except it’s you talking and hopefully, people are learning something valuable.

So, why Vid Traffic? Imagine having a tiny but smart elf who handles all the complicated tech stuff, while you get to focus on what you do best: delivering that killer presentation. That’s Vid Traffic for you.

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The Ridiculously Easy Setup Process

  1. Sign Up & Log In: You can sign up faster than you can say “webinar” three times fast.
  2. Upload Your Video: Got a video? Great. Don’t have one? Then, what are you even planning to webinar about? Go make one!
  3. Schedule It: Pick your time and dates. Yes, you can set it to loop forever. Groundhog Day, anyone?
  4. Invite People: Unless you like talking to yourself (hey, no judgment), you’ll want to invite attendees.

And voila! You’re up and running.

Unique Features that Make You Go “Wow!”

Auto-Pilot Mode

Vid Traffic practically runs on auto-pilot. Set it up once, and it keeps rolling. You could be lounging on a beach somewhere, sipping on piña coladas, while your webinar turns viewers into customers.

Elevate Your VidTraffic Game with These Juicy Upgrades

Tier 1: The VidTraffic Premium — Price: $47

What You Get:

  • Unlimited Campaigns: Because why limit your genius?
  • Maximize Earnings: More campaigns = more money. Math was never this fun!
  • Affiliate Link in the Footer: Convert those page visitors into cold, hard cash.
  • Commercial & Developer Rights: Build campaigns for clients and charge ’em good.
  • Exporting Rights: Move your campaigns wherever you fancy.

Tier 2: VidTraffic Professional — Limit Up to 50 Campaigns

What You Get:

  • 50 Campaigns: It’s like the Premium plan, but with a cap. A stylish cap!
  • Commercial & Developer Rights: Same as above. You get to charge clients for your awesomeness.
  • Export 50 Campaigns: Export to your heart’s content.

Heads-Up: No affiliate links in the footer here, champ. Also, you’re capped at 50 campaigns. Period.

Tier 3: DFY (Done-For-You) Webinar Campaigns — Price: $67

What You Get:

  • 5 Preloaded Webinars: Hosted by pros. You just sit back and earn.
  • Big Commissions: We’re talking $123-$297 per customer, not chump change!
  • Proven Track Record: These webinars have made between $50K to $100K in their live runs.

Don’t Snooze: This is your golden ticket to the big leagues.

Tier 4: Agency FE Accounts — 400 Accounts for $97

What You Get:

  • Sell VidTraffic: Become the VidTraffic vendor in your local market or beyond.
  • Monthly Fees: Charge your clients whatever you want, starting at $97.
  • Zero Hassle: No research or tech support needed. We handle the nitty-gritty.

Limited Time: Act now and become the local hero!

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Tier 5: The Whole Shebang — Reseller: FE + All OTO, Price: $67

What You Get:

  • Sell Everything: All VidTraffic versions are yours to sell.
  • 100% Sales Revenue: You keep all the earnings, we handle customer support.
  • Marketing Kit: Use our sales scripts, email swipes, and more.

Easy Peasy: Focus on sales, enjoy the revenue. We handle the rest.

So there you have it, folks! Multiple ways to supercharge your VidTraffic experience. Each tier offers something unique. The choice, as they say, is yours. Happy earning!

Real-Time Analytics

Ah, numbers, the bane of creative folks! But with Vid Traffic, you get real-time analytics served in a way that doesn’t make your head spin. Yes, we’re talking pie charts that even a 5th grader could understand.

Customizable Templates

Remember those ’90s websites with ghastly backgrounds and comic sans text? Yeah, Vid Traffic is nothing like that. It offers customizable templates that make you look like you hired a top-notch designer.

Is Vid Traffic Right for You?

Well, do you want to share your genius with the world without getting a migraine from all the techy stuff? Then yes, it’s a match made in webinar heaven.


Vid Traffic is the hero we didn’t know we needed but most certainly deserve. In the confusing labyrinth of webinar platforms, Vid Traffic stands out as a beacon of simplicity. With its easy setup, nifty features, and analytics you don’t need a magnifying glass for, it’s the perfect tool for aspiring webinar superstars.

So go ahead, set up your Vid Traffic account today. Your audience awaits. And remember: If it’s so easy your grandma could do it, then you’ve got no excuse.


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